DIY guide: how to set up your motovlogging gear like a pro


You want to start your motovlogging journey.

But you’re not quite sure how to do it.

And, thousands of thoughts are crossing your mind lately regarding which camera to buy or how to do everything properly.

If yes, then just sit tight.

In this post, I’ll show you what type of camera, microphone system and helmet you should buy and how to connect all the equipment.


Motovlog Equipment

In order to setup a motor log setup you primarily need 3 main equipment.

  • An action camera
  • External mic system
  • Helmet


Motovlog Camera

The most primary equipment that you’ll require will be a good quality  motovlog camera. You should make sure to buy a good quality and branded camera. This’ll make sure that you’ll have proper Vlogging experience.

You should not cut end on this head. There’re various factors you should keep in mind while choosing your camera.

  • High Resolution– The camera should be able to record videos at high resolution mostly 1080p at 60fps. For a professional looking video it is necessary to make sure the resolution is high and optimum.
  • Field of View (FOV) – Your camera should have wide Field of view. A wide range of FOV will give wide angle coverage to you. A wide angle will let your viewer see what’s happening sideways also. Action cam recorder like Drift HD Ghost-S gives you 300 degree wide angle view. If you’re motovlogging in a group or with your friends then this feature also becomes paramount.
  • External Mic computability– Most of the camera nowadays have built-in camera. But the built-in microphone is exposed to high wind speed and hence often wind noise creeps in while recording your speech. That’s why I prefer to use an external mic system which is placed inside our helmet. You should buy a camera which is compatible with external mic.
  • You should also be able to mount the camera on your helmet. You can mount it on either top or sideways of helmet. Many camera like GoPro comes with the mounting frame which you can use it for this purpose.
  • You might also need to buy some external sticky plate which can be used to wire the camera to your helmet.


External Mic System

To filter out the wind noise from your speech you need to have an external microphone.

As I mentioned it’ll be lot easier for you to set up the system if your camera has the connection for external microphone. In that case, your microphone will be powered by the camera.

Most importantly, your video and audio will also be fully synchronized. This’ll save you hours of hustle and absolute waste of time.

Now if you’re buying Drift HD Ghost camera as recommended here, I’ll suggest you to buy the external microphone manufactured by Drift HD for this purpose only. It’s fully compatible with the Drift HD action cam recorder. The microphone fits in the 3.5mm jack behind the camera.

One added advantage is that the microphone comes with pop filter which will further help in improving your sound quality.


Helmet mount

One more important thing that you’ll require is a camera mount on the helmet. You can put the camera in various positions such as in the top portion as well as in the sideways.

Most cameras like GoPro or Drift HD comes with mount frame which you can use to set up the camera.


Motovlog Setup

I always prefer to use simple setup process.

I see many people try to use complicated setup process but there is no need to that. You can achieve the same level of efficiency and output by using this simple process.


Camera Mount setup

I did talk about mounting your camera previously. Here I’ll show you how I do it exactly step by step.

There’re various position on which you can mount your camera like on your top head, chin or sideways.

I don’t like the top position because your camera always tends to move upwards or downwards.

So, I prefer to place the camera on my chin. This offers two advantages

First, the camera remains relatively stable. Secondly, I can also place the external microphone in my chin area. So it makes it easier to connect the microphone to the camera.

I use a sticky curve on my helmet first. The mounting bracket or fame that comes with most cameras is put on sticky plate. You’ll also notice some gap between your sticky plate and the helmet. I’ll suggest you to go to any automotive store and use 3mm tape to cover that up.

Now,You can now easily fix your camera on the mounting frame.


Microphone and wiring Setup

I would to like use the Drift HD Ghost-S microphone. It works perfectly fine when you’re riding across high wind speed and eliminates most of the wind noise.

If you’re a GoPro user then you’ve to use a microphone adaptor that acts as an interface between your camera and microphone.

I like to glue the microphone within Helmet veil and keep it tucked in between the lower slate of my helmet. In this manner, I would easily take it out and connect with my camera when necessary.


Video Editing

Please do remember that the video produced will be scratchy at best. You’ll need to edit this video to produce a decent quality video.

Now this is not a tutorial for video editing and I intend to keep it the same way. So,you’ll need to buy some software like Camtasia studio or Sony Vegas Pro for editing it.

Here is the link for Camtasia video editing tutorial (

General points you should remember while editing your video

  • You should try to add an intro and outro to your video. It gives much more professional touch to it.
  • Most video editor gives you the option to mute one track of sound. So, if there is more wind noise in the video, you should try to mute it.
  • While motovlogging there’ll be stretch of video when you’ll not be talking. You’ll not be able to hold your audience interest. So. You should make sure to cut that portion.
  • You should always end your video with strong call to action for your audience.


Safety measure and Precaution

Motovlogging is cool and fun but at the same time do remember you’ll be driving at a high speed totally engrossed in your presentation. There’s also high risk of an accident taking place.

As such I don’t prefer highway for motovlogging and you also shouldn’t unless you’re extremely confident with your bike riding skills.

Always try to wear proper safety gear and maintain safe speed level.


Wrapping up…

Motovlogging is an awesome experience and is destined to change your life in many ways.

I’ve tried to cover all the necessary steps you need to know and consider while starting your journey.

If you think I’ve missed out some points let me know in the comment.

If you’re a motovlogger, please do share your experience with us.