Setting-up Your Vlog

If you’re into dirt biking or trekking cross country riding an atv then motovlogging is an awesome idea.  Motovlogging is simply recording a video blog while on the back of your motorcycle you get to take with you everyone who reads or watches your vlog.  Setting-up your vlog requires a pretty decent investment in equipment, so let’s breakdown the equipment you’re going to need.


The Gear

To get started you’re going to need at least three things, the camera, the mount and a microphone.  Let’s have a look at them individually to see the range of choices available.


The Camera

The camera is central to motovlogging and a good quality camera gives your viewers the best experience, with the most detail of you adventure.  Good image quality and high resolution is a given but that’s not all you need in a camera.  You need a camera that will give you a wide field of view, it will record what’s in front of you and the scenery off to the sides. Here is what we think are the best camera for motovlogging.

You need an external mic instead of the one that’s built in, the built in mic will be drowned out by the noise of wind.  Make sure your camera has a mic connector that’s in a location that is easily connected to your helmet.  Last but not least your camera needs to be easily mountable to your helmet or to your motorcycle.


The Microphone

If you’re a regular rider then you already know all about wind noise, trying to use a microphone in the midst of all that wind and noise means getting the right  mic.  An external microphone will filter out the noise and give you crystal clear voice recording.

Your camera needs to have an external microphone, that allows your audio and video to be in perfect sync.  If your camera is missing the mic outlet then you will need a lapel mic that records to an sd card. This also means syncing the audio and video in post production.


The Mount

The camera mount is the last thing you will need to start motovlogging.  There are a couple of different places that you can put the camera, but the most common is on top of your helmet.  It gives you a great view and it makes it easy to connect the mic to the camera.  If not on the helmet then the next popular spot is in the front of your bike, it works the same as a dash camera.  Before you buy your camera makes sure that there are mounts available for it.

Now you have all the gear for setting up your vlog.

Here is a video showing you how to set them all up.